Enjoy the Journey, Make it Fun

We’re in a serious business, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Celebrating success, enjoying what we do and building better relationships brings the fun to life. We pride ourselves on our inclusive team culture.

Desiree grew up on a sheep and deer farm and people are her passion. She’s made her career from harnessing the potential in people and ensuring they feel valued in their work. Desiree discusses FarmRight’s annual conference which brings together farm managers, suppliers, and sponsors. The event fosters collaboration and conference themes, such as leadership, deliver insights and tools for growth and effective management. The conference also serves as a platform for the FarmRight community to celebrate their successes.

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Bonnie emphasises the importance of enjoying your work to boost productivity. Creating a fun atmosphere at FarmRight encourages the team and enjoying the journey is a key driver contributing to successful outcomes. The weekly “Friday Flash” serves as a means for staff from different regions to stay connected, while the annual FarmRight awards recognise team members who have demonstrated strong values and excellence throughout the year.

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