About FarmRight

The Right Place

Established in August 2000, FarmRight saw the opportunity to fill a service gap in the dairy farming market in New Zealand. As equity partnerships, corporate ownership and large scale family holdings in dairy farming increased, the need for specialised business management became apparent. In late 2010 FarmRight was selected by the New Zealand Superannuation Fund as investment manager of a significant rural investment mandate and NZSF remains a major client. In 2017 FarmRight expanded capability into viticulture and horticulture.

The business has expanded from the original three managed dairy farms to 59 properties presently in New Zealand which include dairy farms, beef farms, orchards, vineyards and hop gardens. FarmRight now focuses on providing a full range of investment and management solutions to well governed, long term investors. This includes investors in portfolios of farms across various agricultural sectors as well as traditional equity partnerships. Our staff have an extensive range of experience including specialised consultancy, farm management, development and administration.

FarmRight have staff located throughout New Zealand with offices in Christchurch, Southland, and Te Awamutu.