Southern Sky Dairies Ltd New Zealand – A Lucrative Investment Opportunity in Thriving Dairy Farming

Discover an unparalleled investment opportunity with Southern Sky Dairies Ltd (SSDL) in New Zealand’s picturesque Southland region. SSDL invites you to be part of a passive, fully managed investment venture in a well-established and thriving dairy farming enterprise.

Under the expert management of FarmRight Ltd and long-standing dedicated employees, this opportunity offers a chance to invest in a large-scale dairy farming portfolio, predominantly located in Northern Southland. With an equity investment opportunity of up to NZD$20,000,000 and a minimum investment of NZD$2,000,000, SSDL is set for substantial expansion.

The capital raised will provide liquidity and foster business growth through retained profits and appreciation, aiming to achieve capital neutrality over a three-year period.

Seize the chance to become a part of this prosperous journey in the heart of New Zealand’s dairy farming industry.

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