Farm Right seeks institutional investors for long-term growth

Farm Right, the portfolio manager for the New Zealand Super Fund’s farm assets, is seeking institutional investors for long-term growth. The Super Fund’s farm manager, Jim Lee, aims to increase the proportion of managed funds invested directly in agriculture in New Zealand. Farm Right currently manages a portfolio of 79 farm properties valued at about $1.25 billion, with the Super Fund’s assets accounting for 12,800 hectares and over $700 million. Lee sees farms as an attractive source of active returns and diversification, with relatively consistent performance over time. While the Super Fund’s portfolio is in growth mode, the focus is on expanding vineyards, apple orchards, and hop gardens, with an emphasis on building scale and quality access to downstream processing and markets. Farm Right, as an employee-owned business, is also exploring opportunities in the wider market and working on mechanisms to spread shareholdings for the next generation.

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