FarmRight is committed to ensuring that its operations are conducted in an ethically sound manner. If you have information or knowledge concerning the existence (or suspected existence) of any wrongdoing, please provide details using the feedback form below. Feedback can be submitted anonymously if you wish. Wrongdoings include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Breach of FarmRight’s policies and procedures, including the Code of Conduct
- Unsafe health and safety practices, and actions which have the potential to cause injury or harm 
- Failure to comply with any applicable laws and regulations (such as breaches of consents or council regulations)
- Actions which cause, or have the potential to cause, damage to the environment
- Actions which cause, or have the potential to cause, harm to the welfare of animals
- Fraudulent activities, or activities related to bribery and corruption (please refer to section 6 of the Code of Conduct)
- Misreporting of financial data


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