Contractors Information

This page contains information relevant to contractors working on FarmRight Managed Farms.

Health & Safety 

To perform work on a FarmRight managed farm you must be an ' Accredited Approved Contractor'.  To become approved, please follow the below process: 

How the process works:


Email to obtain a copy of the current Contractor Approval Form.


Complete the Contractor Approval Form.


Ensure the declaration on the form is signed by a person in your organisation that has the authority to agree to the conditions.


Supply an updated safety plan, including risk analysis and all supporting documentation.


Supply all details of all your employees that will be working on our farms and their external training qualifications as confirmation of their competency to undertake the task.


Supply a current copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate.

Once all documentation has been assessed and verified, you will be emailed your accreditation number as confirmation that your company and its employees, that was named in supplied safety plan, are competent to commence work on our managed FarmRight Farms. 

If you have a key change in employee your company must supply updated information on the competency of the new employee before undertaking any work. 

Please note: Once on the approved contractor list, your company is subject to the two year renewal scheme, to keep ensure your accreditation remains current. 
If you need assistance, please contact the HR team in the first instance. 

Ph: +64 27 265 1323